Professor Sergei Bubnovskiy from Moscow comes with an innovating new technique that may strengthen your defense mechanisms within an amazing new way!

Based on the professor, soaking your legs within an ice-cold bath for 10-just a few seconds after returning home from work can reinforce your defense mechanisms and make preparations it for fighting against common colds and also the flu!

Also, research from England discovered that taking daily cold showers elevated the figures of disease-fighting white-colored bloodstream cells (when compared with individuals who required hot showers).

The investigators at Britain’s Thrombosis Research Institute recommended that because the body attempts to warm itself after and during a chilly shower, metabolism accelerates and activates the defense mechanisms, which results in the discharge more white-colored bloodstream cells.

And, based on a German study, an periodic winter go swimming in cold water causes oxidative stress, but, done regularly, such swimming results in an adaptive antioxidant response quite simply, your body is able to better combat oxidative stress generally once it’s familiar with cold-water swims.

Ice Feet-Bath Technique

Pour cold water inside a bathtub or basin, adding just as much ice as possible and soak your ft within the tub for 10-just a few seconds. Repeating this process every evening before you go to bed will enhance your defense mechanisms rapidly.

The technique is particularly advantageous for those who have weak defense mechanisms – within this situation, soak your ft in icy water every 4 hrs.